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Outdoor Medical Incident Database (OMID)
OMID is designed for outdoor education and adventure organisations wishing to reduce the number of incidents occurring on activities.

For every significant incident, there are many other minor incidents that can give early warnings signals. By identifying these minor incidents and their causes, through internal investigations, the number of more serious incidents, that may require external investigations, can be minimised.

Life Effectiveness Questionnaire Database (LEQ)
The LEQ Database is a tool for analysing results from the Life Effectiveness Questionnaire (Neill, J. T., Marsh, H. W., & Richards, G. E. 2003). It can be adapted to analyse a number of other related evaluation tools.

A thought ...

“If the only tool you have is a hammer, you tend to see every problem as a nail”
-Abraham Maslow


Our Content Management Systems of choice has done it again -  

Packt Publishing today (14 November) announced Joomla! as the the winner of the 2006 Open Source Content Management System Award.

With 16,000 votes for more than 70 different Open Source Content Management Systems nominated for the award, Joomla! was judged winner of the final. After eight weeks of voting from visitors to and judges from The Open Source Collective, MySQL, the Eclipse Foundation, and CMSPros, Joomla! triumphed with the most votes, winning $5,000.  

Joomla! is the youngest CMS of the five finalists having originated by the then Mambo development team in August 2005. Joomla! was chosen due to its ease of installation and use along with the active development and community that supports the project.

Core team member Alex Kempkens said the award was a wonderful surprise. "I would personally like to thank Packt for their contribution to the Joomlasphere — by publishing Joomla! guides and by running such a successful competition," he said.